Citrosept Organic

Citrosept Organic is a diet supplement, whose main ingredients are the extracts of grapefruit seed, pulp and the white parts of the fruit. The product is a concentrate of vitamin C and flavonoids naturally occurring in the fruit. It is produced from organically farmed fruit.

Citrosept Acerola Drops

Grapefruit seed and pulp extract enriched with the concentrate of acerola, a fruit rich in natural vitamin C. Supplements your diet with natural grapefruit extracted bioflavonoids and other substances as well as acerola containing naturally occurring vitamin C.

Citrosept Dental

A refreshing and soothing gel, which complements dental hygiene, improves comfort and alleviates problems arising from the use of dentures or braces.


Offered extracts

Name of the plant (and part of the plant) Latin plant name Type of extract Determined active compounds Ecological certificate

Grapefruit (fruit)

Citrus Paradisi


naringin, narirutin, hesperidin, neohesperidin, naringenin


Chilli Capsicum glycerin-water capsaicin available on request

Bergamot (fruit)

Citrus bergamia


naringin, narirutin, hepseridine, neohesperidin

available on request

Wild rose (fruit) Rosa canina glycerin-water ascorbic acid available on request

Pomegranate (flower)

Punica granatum


ellagic acid, gallic acid

available on request